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Our core technology

The core technology of our product is from Shanghai Jiaotong University, which is jointly developed by Professor Shangguan Wenfeng and Professor Shi Jianwei. Professor Shangguan is one of the thousand talents program in China (that is, the country has introduced 1000 scientists overseas). His mentor is Teng daozhao, the former president of Tokyo University in Japan, and is known as the father of Japanese catalysis.

The working principle of our fresh air fan is mainly divided into three layers: the first layer is primary filtration, the second layer is high-voltage electrostatic, and the third layer is catalytic coupling. The first layer of primary filtration is mainly to filter coarse particles in the air, such as catkins, insects, leaves, etc. The second layer of high-voltage static electricity is mainly divided into two functions: 1. Kill bacteria and viruses in the air. According to the test report of the National Academy of electrical appliances, the killing efficiency can reach 99.9%. 2. Capture and adsorb PM2.5 in the air, even fine particles below 0.3 microns and 0.1 microns. The third layer of catalytic technology, high-voltage static electricity will produce a large amount of ozone, inhalation of excessive ozone is harmful to human body, through our catalytic module to decompose ozone into oxygen ions, while formaldehyde is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide. Finally, fresh and clean air is introduced into the room, and the whole working principle combines physical reaction and chemical reaction.


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